Vietnam Travel Data Sim Card

Headed to Vietnam for Business? Don't Forget a Travel Sim Card and Data Package

Travelling internationally for business requires the successful coordination of many different factors. Whether you're heading to Vietnam to sightsee, open negotiations, close a deal, or just investigate business opportunities, there's a lot to be done. That's especially true if you plan on travelling with a team. Not only does everyone need their flights and hotels booked appropriately, but you'll also need to arrange for a method of communication once you land. After all, your home SIM cards aren't going to work once you land in south-east Asia. Instead, SIMCorner offers a quick and easy way to prepare your phone for Vietnam travel with a SIM card preloaded with a data plan. Travel in confidence that you won't be cut off from the home office when it's time to make a critical call.

SIMCorner has built excellent telecom relations around the world. This enables us to offer affordable and competitive rates for talk and data in Vietnam. The ease of use is the biggest advantage to choosing our Vietnam data SIM. Why struggle with finding a SIM that works with your phone in a country when you could turn it on after your plane arrives and be ready to make a call instantly?

SimCorner offers a quick and convenient Vietnam travel SIM

For an extremely affordable price, you receive a Vietnam data SIM card loaded with six gigabytes worth of data usage. Good for 15 Days from activation, this gives you an excellent way to begin your business trip. Upon arrival, activation is as easy as inserting the sim card into your phone.

By using Vietnam's Mobifone network, our data SIM card ensures you will receive consistent coverage all over the country. Whether you're meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, or Nha Trang, you'll be able to make and place calls with ease. This makes SIMCorner the ideal choice for all your travel requirements.

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From the convenience of our service to the exceptional affordability SIMCorner provides, we're confident you'll love the ease with which you can travel and communicate using our cards. In addition to Vietnam, we provide SIM cards for countries around the globe. SIMCorner is your ideal source for international communication requirements. Our friendly team is always happy to help you tackle the questions you have surrounding international travel and phone usage. For those who want to acquire numerous Vietnam travel SIM cards, please send us an email at SUPPORT@SIMCORNER.COM for additional pricing information. We look forward to meeting the needs of your company.