SimCorner FAQ Section

Introducing SimCorner: Your Passport to Seamless Global Connections!

🌎 Embarking on an adventure? Don't let communication worries hold you back! Say hello to SimCorner – the ultimate solution for modern travellers like you.

🚀 Since our inception in 2012, we've been on a mission to transform the way you experience international travel. Our Australian roots have spread to reach corners across the globe, making us a truly multinational marvel.

📱 Tired of the tangled web of international roaming charges? Say goodbye to those pesky fees and embrace the freedom of staying in touch wherever you wander. Whether you're exploring the cobblestone streets of Italy or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, SimCorner has your back.

💼 We've joined forces with the giants of mobile telecommunications and travel innovations, crafting a seamless experience that takes the hassle out of international journeys. Gone are the days of scrambling for eSIMs or juggling prepaid cards.

🌐 We've expanded our wingspan, spreading dispatch locations across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. Wherever your adventures take you, rest assured that SimCorner is there to bridge the distance.

⏳ Time is of the essence when you're on the move. Skip the queues, sidestep the stress, and shop online with ease. With SimCorner, you're just a few clicks away from unlocking a world of communication possibilities.

📞 So, whether you're a globetrotting guru or a first-time explorer, choose SimCorner to embrace a life without borders. Your journey is calling – will you answer?

SimCorner: Where Connection Knows No Boundaries. Your adventure starts here. So, let's bid farewell to those pesky international roaming charges and embrace a world where staying connected is as easy as a beachside breeze. Ready to unlock a new chapter in travel technology? Let SimCorner be your travel sidekick, and let's wander without borders! 🌍📲✈️

  • Order your International travel SIM or eSIM online and select the delivery method that best suits your travel date. SimCorner delivers to many countries across the world and has dispatch locations in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
  • Receive your SIM card in the mail prior to departing for your trip. Or if you purchased an eSIM, receive it directly to your email
  • Insert your SIM card in your phone or connect your eSIM as soon as you land and stay connected.

Make sure that your device is unlocked and compatible before you depart for your trip.

Please note: Being on a post-paid plan or contract with your local carrier doesn't mean your phone is locked. If you are unsure, please check with your current service provider.

To ensure your device is compatible make sure your phone is unlocked. Please note being on a post-paid plan doesn't mean your phone is locked. If you are unsure, please just check with your current service provider.

As long as your device/phone is unlocked it will be compatible with all our products unless stated otherwise.

For example, the USA (T-Mobile) sims, the Japan sims and China sims use different bands/frequencies for their 4G data speeds and even 3G so not ALL phones will be compatible with the above products.

For more information regarding compatibility for these products specifically, please visit the 'Things to Know' and 'FAQ' sections located on the actual product pages of the mentioned countries as these will specifically address the sim you are looking to purchase. We encourage customers to read the 'Things to Know' / FAQ section for any product or contact our support team before purchasing using the contact us link above.

Click HERE for shipping details for physical sim cards. eSIM products are sent directly to your email via a QR code, or directly to your phone if you are purchasing a North America esim.

Should you run into any issues with the sim card whilst overseas then we encourage you to email us immediately at support@simcorner.com and let us know the following information;

  • Your order number or the name that the order is under along with the sim card number and phone number (if applicable).
  • Which country you are in currently and whether the sim card connects to any network, if so, which network?
  • Did you receive any SMS after you inserted the sim card? If so, please send us a screenshot of that message.
  • Message us screenshots of any error message you are getting.
  • What phone model you are using?
  • Any other information about the issue, which will assist us in helping you resolve the issue. 

For some sim cards/ eSIMs you are NOT able to directly call any other countries that are not listed such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc.

We recommend that you use data voice calling apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook Messenger to contact family and friends who also use these apps. You can also add credit to apps such as Viber and Skype to make direct calls to landlines and mobiles at the apps rates.

We highly recommend getting in contact with us if you have any questions or confusions regarding the travel sims/ eSIMs we sell. 

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