Your next european getaway destinations

Where better to get escape the monotony of adult life than Europe? From fantastical urban cities to the allure of the countryside, Europe offers a smorgasbord of getaway destinations which are perfect for your weekend hiatus. Here are 5 of our favourites.

1. Ajaccio - Corsica

You already know how much we love France, but we haven’t even scraped the surface of the secrets it has left to tell. The island of Corsica is simply perfect for a weekend getaway. There is something simply otherworldly about Ajaccio – step into the coastal city and suddenly the weight of all your problems is lifted off your shoulders. It’s like a little slice of paradise that has little care for the outside world. The palm trees, the golden beaches, and the beautiful marriage of the old cobbled streets with contemporary boulevards all invite you get lost in its Mediterranean splendour.

2. Split – Croatia

While we’re on the subject of the Mediterranean, visiting Split is simply a must-do on your travelling bucket list. The ancient spirit of the coastal city endures even today - lovers of heritage will find themselves simply spoilt here. Take a stroll through Split’s ornate streets as they narrate a story of history to you. There are art galleries and museums to keep you occupied for an enlightening weekend trip. While you’re at it, visit any of the city’s markets for organic, home-grown fruit and vegetables.

3. Venice – Italy

This one might be a bit cliched, but not without good reason. You need only step foot into the City of Canals to understand that Venice truly speaks for itself. The charming city is brimming with art, culture, history and romance. From the beaches to the restaurants to the canals, Venice simply can’t be skipped for all you romantics out there. After all, what’s more romantic than a tranquil gondola ride through the streets of Venice?

4. Edinburgh – Scotland

Pack a jumper, and jump into the living fantasy of Edinburgh. If you’re looking for that “magical” weekend getaway, you need look no further than the soul of Scotland. The rocky hills that the city is nestled in are a sight to behold, and walking through Edinburgh, you realise that it is beautiful marriage of nature and city. Edinburgh Castle is a testament to the rich history to uncover in the city. Medieval architecture, and sprawling vistas will be sure to keep you occupied for a weekend abroad.

5. Reykjavik – Iceland

Oh how we love Iceland – Reykjavik is the perfect “off the beaten path” destination, boasting activities for lovers of nature, culture, history and nightlife alike. The cool, long evenings provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic weekend getaway. Date night could involve taking in Reykjavik’s rolling green vistas, watching the Northers Lights, or visiting its museums and galleries.

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