10 useful apps you can’t travel without

For all our digital-savvy travellers out there - we’ve compiled a list of 10 travel apps that’ll help make your next trip run a little smoother.

1. Packpoint
 Nothing is worse than finally getting to your destination after 15+ hours of flights, to find that you’ve forgotten your favourite toothbrush. To avoid such anguish, try using PackPoint. Simply input your destination, travel dates and the app will create a complete packing list for you. The app will also ask you what your planned activities are so it can make suggestions based on your answers. If you’re heading to the Bahamas, planning to swim almost every day - it’ll probably tell you to pack at least 3 swimsuits for your trip. You can also customise the list yourself by adding or removing suggested items. Best part is - the app also predicts the weather for your destination during your travel dates and creates the packing list accordingly. If you need some help fitting all those items in your bags, check out our tips on how to fit more into your suitcase.

2. Google Translate image:
Not familiar with the language of your destination? Google Translate has you covered. Although it won’t completely break down the language barrier, the app is handy in translating over 103 different languages by simply typing the text into your phone. You can also translate street signs, or dinner menus by pointing your phone’s camera at it. Bear in mind, this feature may not always give you perfect results, but it helps to give you the gist of what’s written.

3. SitorSquat
You’ve got to go when you’ve got to go. SitorSquat is a rest-room searching app that can pinpoint where the nearest public restroom is to your location. Each bathroom has a rating - ‘Sit’ if it’s clean, or ‘Squat’ if it’s less so. You can rate toilets after using them, and can even search toilets by location, rating, and amenities. (P.s. How cute is that bear?!)

4. Citymapper
Super easy to use, Citymapper will give you detailed journey plans, including real-time departure information, disruption alerts, as well as cycling and walking directions. At present, the app is available in over 30 cities worldwide - with most major destinations included. It also offers Uber integration, and will make train ride suggestions, including what station exit to take when you arrive at your stop.

5. Airbnb 
We all know Airbnb is great for booking accommodation, but it also has a thing called “Airbnb experiences” that is led by experts and local hosts. Depending on the location, the experiences could be anything from a wine tour or a bike ride to cooking lessons at a local restaurant. The app could provide mini-tours that aren’t available anywhere else, so it’s worth checking what kind of experiences are on in your destination.

6. Uber
Avoid expensive taxi fees by using Uber instead. It operates in most major cities, and makes getting around so much easier and convenient. In places where you don’t speak the language, the app’s ability to type in your destination is a major bonus in avoiding confusion about where you need to go.

7. Detour Image
For a more personalised tour, try Detour. It’s an audio app that offers walking tours in a limited number of major cities. It’s written and narrated by locals, allowing you to really get to know the area. Instead of those typical tours that take you through the main tourist spots, the audio tours on Detour gives you a more local view of the city.

8. XE Currency
The XE Currency app is helpful in finding current exchange rates for currencies around the world, with rates refreshed every minute. It can help you make quick conversions when you’re out shopping the town away. You can even save up to 10 of your favourite currencies and be updated when their value changes.

9. Tripit
Keeping track of all your flight and booking details can be a mission. Tripit makes it so much easier by storing all your travel information, from your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars, activities and converts it into one itinerary. Simply forward your emails to the app and it’ll do it all for you. If you’re travelling in a group, you can even add others the itinerary so everyone is on the same page.

10. Splittr
Another useful app if you’re travelling in a group. Splittr helps to share costs between friends when travelling. All you have to do is add your expenses as you go, including who paid what and the app will take care of the rest. All currencies are supported within the platform, so you can combine currencies without having to do the conversions yourself. Let us know if you have any other apps you can’t travel without!