6 ways to find yourself cheaper flight tickets

We all dream of travelling the world, but our wallets don’t always agree! Finding cheap flights can be a bit of a mission sometimes, but we’ve just made it that bit easier.

Here are 6 ways to find cheaper flight tickets to avoid breaking the bank.

1. Search incognito
So you’ve decided to make a trip to Bangkok and started searching for cheap flight tickets, and find an awesome deal. You’re not quite ready to buy yet, so a few days later, you search back for the same ticket, but the price has now increased. What the heck? This may have happened because of your cookies. No, not your regular milk and cookies, but your browser cookies. Based on the cookies saved by your browser, flight prices often increase when you search for the same route repeatedly. How do you avoid being tracked? Simply search when your browser is ‘incognito’ or in private mode. If you’re not sure how, here’s how to switch your browser to incognito mode.

2. Know when to book
Airfares fluctuate, so there’s no ‘best time’ to book that works for all destinations all year round. However, there are some awesome tools out there to help you find the cheapest dates for your destination. Check out Momondo. Simply key in your origin, destination and dates, hit search, then click ‘Flight Insights’ in the upper right corner. Your screen will light up with an interesting graphic that tells you the cheapest week in the year, how many days in advance to book to get the best deal and much more.

3. Be flexible
Flexibility is key if you want to fly cheaply. National holidays, peak periods, and major events when people are on the move all have a bearing on air ticket prices. Weekends are often more expensive for international flights because demand increases.  Airfares over the same route bounce around from one day to the next, and even during the day. Most flight search engines give you the option to search the dates either side of your preferred date of travel. 

4. Find the cheapest day to fly on Skyscanner

Unfortunately there is no particular day that is cheapest to fly as airfares do fluctuate. However, you can see which days are cheapest for the particular month you’d like to travel.

All you’ve got to do is this:

  • 1. Head to Skyscanner 
  • 2. Enter your departure and arrival dates 
  • 3. Select one way Click the ‘show whole month’ tab on top left corner 
  • 4. You’ll then see a calendar of prices for the whole month, and be able to point out the cheapest, and most expensive days to travel within that month.


5. Use flight price alerts on Skyscanner
If you’ve found an airfare ticket you like the look of, but aren’t quite ready to purchase yet, set an alarm on Skyscanner. You will then get notified by email whenever the price drops or rises.

6. Don’t be fooled by non-inclusive tickets
What may look like a cheap flight ticket at first sight, can get quite expensive after discovering the price of their luggage fees. Many cheap airlines do this to trick you by adding luggage costs after you’ve filled in all your information. Don’t fall into the trap! Be aware of whether the prices include luggage, and what the extra costs for luggage is before purchasing any ticket.

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