Best International Travel Data SIM Cards

SimCorner knows that international travellers have a lot to plan for. Making sure that your mobile phone will work while you are away should be a priority for safety and convenience. Luckily, with the international travel SIM card from SimCorner, it is easy to plan for all of your global communication needs. Our prepaid SIM cards are available for easy purchase online and will be conveniently delivered to your door.

Prepaid International Travel SIM Cards Prevent Mobile Roaming Fees

SimCorner has partnered with the largest telecommunication companies in the world, to create the best mobile international options for our customers. It is easy for travellers to purchase their international SIM cards before travelling, to prevent expensive roaming fees. Travellers can save more than 85% on mobile roaming fees by using a prepaid SIM card rather than their normal Canadian SIM card. Travellers simply have to install the travel SIM card and they will be ready to use their phone as soon as they land in their destination

SimCorner Has Prepaid Options for International Travel SIM Cards For USA and Europe

SimCorner international data SIM cards allow your mobile phone to operate on the networks in the country you are travelling in, so that you will have a clear signal and access to 4G data, internationally. Our best international data SIM card deals are available for travel in the United States of America. While all of our SIM cards save you money over roaming fees, purchasing our prepaid USA SIM Card before leaving Canada will save you about 40 dollars over the USA retail pricing of buying the same plan in a T-Mobile store location in the United States of America.

Our USA SIM card provides travellers with a free USA T-Mobile SIM card, unlimited talk and text within USA, unlimited 4G data on your phone. You won't be charged extra to receive calls or texts from overseas. Also unlimited international calls to land lines in more than 75 countries, and unlimited texting to more than 200 countries, is also available as an add-on. 

SimCorner also provides an essential prepaid SIM card option for travelling through Europe. Our European SIM card allows you to keep the same contact phone number throughout your travels. This allows your family and friends to contact you easily, no matter which country you are visiting that day. This makes sure that you are reachable even when your plans are all over the map. Our international SIM data plans are also available in United Kingdom and New Zealand plans to give travellers the ability to connect as soon as they reach their destinations.

When you are preparing to travel internationally, your phone can be a tool, or an expense. With a prepaid, international travel SIM card from SimCorner, we make sure that you will be able to use your phone wisely and with confidence, without racking up hundreds in roaming charges.