Best Value USA Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling in America

Best AT&T and T-Mobile Prepaid USA SIM Cards for Travelling in America in 2022

Ready for your next working holiday or family trip to the USA? Can’t contain your excitement? Getting prepped-up before you board your flight may just be what you need to make your travel journey smooth and hiccup-free!

Getting a local USA sim surely would have crossed your mind if you’re travelling any time soon so you can enjoy the benefits of being connected as soon as you land without worrying about roaming costs! Here’s a rundown of the variations in prepaid sim card for USA that you can plug into your smartphone.

For T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs


SIMCORNER Product 04 USA 6Gb tmobile compact
For travellers looking for the right mix between staying connected while on their next holiday or adventure trip, the 6GB USA travel Sim card is the perfect pick. The 30-day access comes with unlimited text and call feature within USA to all USA mobiles and landlines. Incoming calls are free and allow you to remain in touch always.

While you might argue that the 6GB data may not be enough for all your Netflix or FaceTime needs, it can be enough if you are keen to just remain connected. Finding locations on Google Maps, checking emails for emergency work comms, or asking for a recommendation for the best hairstylist in the city on Facebook can all be sorted!

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USA Unlimited Data SIM Card

Best Value Prepaid USA SIM Cards for Travelling in America | SimCorner If you can’t afford to run out of data at any time of the day or night while on your trip to the USA, get your hands on the Unlimited mobile data card right away! This handy travel SIM card comes with 30-days access to unlimited 4G data and unlimited text and calls within USA and Hawaii to all mobiles and landlines. What’s more, if Canada or Mexico are a part of your travel itinerary, you get 5GB data worth with unlimited text and call feature for an added expense of $10!

The unlimited data can solve all your travel connection needs. Work while you’re on-the-go, binge-watch on your favourite Netflix series, download latest tracks from Spotify, and FaceTime your friends and family while you’re ticking off your bucket list at the Grand Canyon or even at Las Vegas. The unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speed is an added advantage—you no longer have to worry about Baby Shark eating up your data while your toddler is at it on the Tab!

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For AT&T Mobile


The 8GB prepaid USA sim cards is ideal if you are on a working holiday or a family cross-country trip. The sim card comes with 30-day access covering 8GB worth of 4G data and unlimited texts and calls across USA, Canada and Mexico.

The 8GB Att US SIM may not be enough for streaming movies on Netflix or playing games with friends across the globe. However, it’ll be enough to fulfil your need to stay connected as you surf through your Instagram feed on your local and cross-country travel journeys.

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USA Unlimited Data SIM Card

SIMCORNER Product 07 USA Canada Mexico Unlimited compact
If you don’t want the added stress of running out of data or being more selective about your usage, just go for the unlimited mobile data card. While it can be expensive, it’s definitely great value for money, especially when compared to roaming costs. This card offers 30 days access to unlimited 4G data and unlimited text and calls to not just USA, but also to Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska. What’s more, you get unlimited international texts to over 100 countries including, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and more. Mobile hotspot is limited to 10GB in the USA only for an extra $10.

The unlimited data pack can solve your need to remain connected at all times, both for work and pleasure. You never have to worry about using up the data even if the kids stream 20 movies or play Fortnite for 8 hours in a row! The only downside is that unlimited data can keep eyeballs glued to screens, so watch out for that!

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15GB or 100GB Mobile Data Only for iPads and Tablets

This one may be a little bit higher on the price range, but it packs a punch. With either 15GB or 100GB, high-speed 4G data and mobile hotspot/tethering allowed, this travel sim card is great if you don’t need to text or call anyone in the USA—perfect for families or those travelling in groups! Whether you need to upload new memories on Google Photos in real time, or need to share data with your whole travel group for work purposes, this will do just the trick. Easy activation, and reliable services anywhere in the States.

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Get USA Sim Cards that is right for you!

Now that you have the Sim Card for USA options laid in front of you, you would have already made up your mind on the data card that is ideal for you in terms of your travel itinerary. Though all the sim cards are available in three sizes and fit most phones, it’s always good to check the specifications and compatibility before getting one that would be right for you. Check out all the options at our online travel sim card store and get one for your next trip to USA.