Genuine Leather Notebook

Procuring A Genuine Leather Notebook

Staying organised during travels is made easy with one of SimCorner’s genuine leather notebooks. These notebooks are colourful and durable, making them perfect for documenting your journey wherever it may take you. A variety of leather styles, colours and paper types allows you to make a choice suited to your preferences.

Tips for Purchasing the Ideal Leather Travel Notebook

Don’t just buy the first notebook you find; rather consider a few important points so you can buy the perfect one for you.

  • Genuine Leather: Something about leather screams of travel and adventure. It’s more durable than other materials, and with the proper care can last a lifetime. Your leather notebook won’t be a simple writing piece; it will be an accessory you’ll want to show off to everyone you meet.
  • Size: It would be inconvenient to constantly carry and pack a printer paper sized notebook during your journeys. That’s why these colourful leather notebooks come in A5 size, roughly 148mm x 210mm or 5.8" x 8.3", making it especially convenient for travel.
  • Options: Your notebook should be just as unique as your travels, which is why we offer a variety of colourful leather bindings. The cowhide comes in three different textures (Chequered, Saffiano or Pebbled) and multiple colours. To cater to the artist, you also have the choice of blank or ruled paper so you can decide what best suits your needs.

Tips for Using Your Travel Notebook

Having a notebook is easy but knowing what to fill it with can be difficult.

  • Document Experiences: In the moment it seems you will remember it forever but all too often the details slip through the cracks. When you write down your experiences as they happen, it will be easier to remember all the details when you get back home.
  • Record Travel Dates: With so many planes, trains and buses to catch keeping an itinerary is vital. Use your sheets to keep all your appointments, schedules and dinner plans in one place. By tracking your travels in advance, you can avoid plan changes and missed meals.
  • Track Purchases: Travelling abroad generally requires money exchange, and it is usually cheaper to take out cash currency rather than paying a transaction fee on every card purchase. Tracking cash is harder than going back over a bank statement and without a cheque book to balance a notebook is the easiest place to store your financial transaction info.

About SimCorner

Since opening in 2012, we focus on helping travellers with communication needs in Australia. International travellers can rely on SimCorner for pre-loaded sim cards to use during their travels. Our low prices when compared to the USA and Europe alternatives, make us the ideal choice for travellers. On top of sim cards, we now work to provide other travelling needs for your trip.

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