How to hack Long Term Travelling Like A Pro

Long term travelling involves a lot of planning and preparation. If you’re considering long-term travel, you should already know that it’s more than just going on holiday. It’s about ingraining yourself in another culture, living a new life for a period of time, and experiencing life-changing moments along the way. Experienced long-term travellers know the ins and outs, back to front. In this blog, we share a few hacks from those who have been through it that might help you prepare better for your travel. Read on!

Make new friends

When travelling long-term, you can get pretty sick of visiting tourist destinations or hanging out at backpackers. The entire idea of long-term travelling is to get ingrained in the local lifestyle of the place, and there’s no better way to do that than to make a new friend or two! Befriend other people who are travelling long-term as well, or better yet, chat up the locals! They’ll know the best off-beat destinations to explore and allow you to get a real feel and vibe of the place.

Seep into the local culture

The idea of travelling to a new place or a new country is to get enmeshed in the local culture and ambiance. From trying traditional local food to learning local music, or even getting familiar with the roads and streets, you need to be in sync with the local spirit of the place. With smartphones, it’s become much easier to do that. All you need is a bunch of local apps and you can have a peep of the local customs, food or even local areas!

Connect as you travel

Though long-term travelling has its own highs and moments of adrenaline, you can’t rule out the possibility of feeling homesick or lonely at some point. The feeling of novelty can only last so long before we yearn for those we love and miss back home. And this is normal! We all feel rooted even when we’re exploring new shores. In saying that, give yourself the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends back home. When you’re overseas, having a good mobile data plan is the best way to connect on an international level, so get yourself a local sim card as soon as possible so you can Facetime or Whatsapp or Skype home. For example, if you’re travelling across the United Kingdom, it would be a good idea to get a international SIM cards for Europe. If you’re visiting Africa, get an Africa Sim Card, when in Canada, use a Canada sim card. Easy enough!

Become local even before you travel

If you are someone who’s organised and likes to have everything planned and sorted even before you venture out, getting a local sim is definitely a good idea for you. Whether it’s to satiate your organisational needs or to immerse yourself into the culture of your travel destination right from the time your flight lands at the airport, we, at Sim Corner, are there for you. Shop travel sim cards to all destinations across the globe and bid goodbye to travel hassles and costly roaming fees forever!