Our top 10 money-saving tips for when you’re travelling

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that travelling can do some serious damage to our wallets. However, it is possible to save some moola while adventuring around the world - you’ve just got to get your travel hustle on. Try some of our money-saving tips on your next vacay to help ease the blow out of your bank.

1. Make the most of free activities

Before you head to your destination, do a little research and you’ll find there will be a bunch of free things to do in the area! Check out local guides and community calendars to see if any events are on while you’re there. Taking a self-guided tour around town is an awesome way to familiarise yourself with your surroundings - and it doesn’t cost a thing. Also look out for attractions that have free admission or ones that often have discounted admissions on certain days.

2. Book a room with kitchen facilities

When on holiday you’ll quickly realise that most of your money will be spent on food. Try cut down your food expenses by booking a room that has a kitchen or at least a refrigerator and microwave. Room service can be insanely pricy, so having a room that allows you to make your own food for at least one meal of the day can save you a bunch.

3. Carry snacks/water during outings

On the topic of food.. keep some on you at all times! Pack some snacks and water in your bag for those moments you need to refuel. Don’t waste your money buying bottled water everywhere - buy a pack from a local grocery store, it’s always much cheaper - and carry a bottle with you whenever you’re out for the day.

4. Don’t eat in areas that are close to tourist destinations

In most cities, restaurants in popular tourist destinations hike up their prices a crapload. Have you heard about those insane restaurant prices in Venice?! Simply walking a few blocks away from popular areas can slash prices at restaurants.

5. Rent an apartment instead of booking two rooms

If you normally travel with kids, or a group of friends, you would have come across some pricey hotel rates if you’ve been looking for adjoining rooms as accommodation. Booking an apartment or condo is often much cheaper. Check out Airbnb, and TripAdvisor for cheaper deals.

6. Travel during off seasons

Usually everything is cheaper during off seasons - plane tickets, hotel rooms, and there’ll even be more availability. You won’t have to deal with large crowds, and attractions may also be cheaper at that time. Do some research ahead of time to ensure the places you want to visit are still open during off season. You may not get the best weather depending on where you’re travelling, but if that’s something you’re willing to forego, you can end up saving a heap.

7. Have a big lunch

Most restaurants often offer lunch specials at cheaper prices. So a good trick is to eat out for lunch and order a little extra and save the rest for dinner. This is where having kitchen facilities in your room come in handy - to store food in the fridge and reheat for later.

8. Don’t be tricked by budget airfare

We all get excited when see crazy cheap airfares online - but not all airfares are built alike. Before you click on that ‘buy’ button make sure you read the fine print. Some of those cheap deals may not include luggage, or flexibility and the cost of those add-ons may end up making the fare about the same price, or sometimes even more expensive than a normal fare.

9. Don’t get sucked into roaming fees

With constant push notifications, automatic app updates, and our social media addictions, roaming charges can get crazy expensive! We know how depressing it is to come home after an amazing vacay only to find a massive roaming bill waiting for you. It’s better to turn off data roaming and purchase a local sim card - trust us, it’s a whole lot cheaper. SimCorner’s prepaid travel sims take the hassle of having to find one when you get to your destination as their sims can be delivered straight to your door, making sure you’re sorted well before you head off for your travels.

10. Create a budget and stick to it!

Bring out the accountant in you and create a budget for your trip. It’ll help you decide when to save and when to splurge. Look for ways to save money, but balance that out by also treating yourself during the trip. Saving on a few things may allow you to splurge on a fancy dinner on the last night of your vacation. Having a budget - and sticking to it - is a great way to keep your travel finances on track. For more travel tips head to our travel Blog.


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