Prepaid International Travel Data SIM Cards

SimCorner Offers Prepaid International Data SIM Cards for Travel

SimCorner is a multinational company that works with the largest telecommunication companies in the world to create the best mobile phone rates for international travellers. Whether you are travelling to the United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Europe, we have prepaid international SIM cards to fit your needs, so that you can use your phone where ever you travel.

Prepaid Travel SIM Cards are Easy to Buy, and Save Travellers Money

We have a safe and secure online check out process for travellers looking to purchase their international SIM card. Simply browse our range online, add the required items to your cart and check out! We will dispatch your order from our London warehouse either the same day as your purchase or the next business day, and deliver it straight to your door.

Travellers simply need to switch their SIM card and they will be set up to communicate as soon as they land at their destination. Most of our prepaid travel SIM cards and prepaid international data SIM cards are preloaded with data so that users can connect to Google Maps as soon as they arrive.

Purchasing a prepaid international SIM card before leaving saves travellers money. By using a prepaid international SIM card rather than their normal SIM card while they are in another country, travellers can save more than 85% on their mobile roaming costs. Purchasing the SIM card before leaving will also often save travellers more money than they would if they were to buy the card in the country they visit.

Our USA prepaid travel SIM card plan will cost travellers about 40 dollars less if they buy it before leaving home. Our USA SIM card provides travellers with a USA phone number, unlimited talk and text within USA, unlimited 4G data on your phone. You will never be charged extra to receive calls or send texts overseas. This card provides service on the T-Mobile network or an alternative AT&T sim card on the AT&T network, ensuring that your phone will have the ability to connect while in the United States of America, and it will prevent you from running up any roaming data charges on your normal mobile phone bill.

Prepaid Travel SIM Cards from SimCorner Help You Remain in Touch with Friends and Family

Travellers to Europe face the challenge of often visiting multiple countries within the same trip. Our Europe prepaid travel SIM card allows you to use the same number throughout your trip. By having the same number, no matter which European country you are visiting that day, your friends and family will always be able to reach you. We also offer prepaid travel SIM cards for those travelling to the United Kingdom and New Zealand, to ensure that they will have access to the mobile network and prevent major roaming fees.

When you are preparing to travel, you have a lot on your mind. SimCorner makes it easy for international travellers to continue using their phones, no matter where they are going. Don't risk running up roaming mobile costs and loosing signal. Purchase a prepaid travel SIM Card from SimCorner, and you'll be able to use your phone with confidence everywhere you go.