The best hiking spots in the US

The United States are known for their outstanding natural parks, and whilst they are mostly accessible by car, they also provide wonderful opportunities to get out amongst the scenery for a hike. From short hikes to multi-day adventures, our list includes the best of the lot.

Planning a trip soon? You won’t want to miss these spots, as they are the best hiking parks in the US.

Sequoia National Park
As the name suggests, Sequoia National Park is full of Sequoia trees. Reaching heights of 81 metres and as wide as 5 metres, these trees are unbelievable and certainly unmissable. The hikes at Sequoia National Park range from gentle wandering to extreme ascents, passing meadows and creeks, as well as wildlife along the way to provide endless views.

Recommended hike time: 40mins for easy tracks, 10 hours for longer hikes.

Grand Canyon
Probably the most well-known natural attraction in the United States, the Grand Canyon is a must-do for your trip and can be thoroughly explored along one of the many hikes available. If 127km of Grand Canyon sounds like your type of wandering adventure, then the full trail must be for you! Including the Hermit Trail, Tonto Trail, Bright Angel Trail, Kaibab Trail, Escalante Trail and Tanner Trail, you’ll have a great chance to indulge in the entire Grand Canyon.

Recommended hike time: 5 - 7 days.

The Wave, Arizona
A short hike suitable for all levels, The Wave is a rock formation that resembles exactly as the name suggests, waves at the beach. This one can be a harder visit though as currently the government only permits 20 people a day to visit. Considering the amount of people wanting to visit due to the famous Instagram snaps - you should get applying as soon as you can!

Recommended hike time: 2 - 4 hours.

Half Dome, Yosemite
Not for the faint-hearted, this hike will have you climb up in elevation, and end by climbing the rock face assisted by cables to hold on. The hike takes a lot of preparation and weather-watching, but get it right and you’ll have breath-taking views as you start the hike at sunrise, taking in sights like Nevada Falls and finally the summit panorama of the beautiful Yosemite Valley.

Recommended hike time: 10 - 14 hours.

Zion National Park
This sure is a park for everyone, as each hike provides beautiful views starting from easier the base of the park, and increasing in skill level through narrow river canyons and up mountainous terrain. The favourite for keen hikers being the “Hidden Canyon Trail” that focuses on skill over scenery, weaving you over rocks and utilising guiding chains, ending at an impassible wall to return the way you came.

Recommended hike time: 2 hours for easier tracks, 8 for harder tracks.

Bryce Canyon Park
With outstanding red rock formations known as “hoodoos” spanning almost 36,000 acres it’s understandable you can spend a while here! The best view points are named Sunrise Point, and Sunset Point, so be sure to pack a camera to get those golden hour hues over the crimson rocks. Family friendly hikes include the Rim Trail which has been paved to almost 1km in allowing for wheelchairs and push-chairs.

Recommended hike time: Anywhere from 1 hour to a day or two.

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