The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling Europe

Organising prepaid travel cards for your devices before you go travelling can save you a whole lot of time and money while overseas. In Europe, it’s common for travellers to get caught with massive roaming costs that can put a damper on your trip. Travel cards make life easier: they get shipped straight to your doorstep before you depart, start on the dates you want them to, and keep you connected across all your whole European holiday. The best part? You’ll get to avoid roaming costs altogether.

There’s a range of Europe sim cards to choose from with SIM Corner, and you must choose the right one so that you can make the most out of it whilst on holiday. In this article, we’ll go over your best options for a travel sim card, depending on your type of holiday.

8GB Mobile Data Card – EUR 33.00

An 8GB Mobile data card is perfect for travellers who plan on truly disconnecting while on holiday in the UK and Europe. Plugging this SIM into your mobile phone gives you 28 days of access to 1000 calling minutes and 2000 texts within the EU. This makes it great for staying in touch with your travel companions, and vital if you’re the kind of person to wander off on your own adventures.

8GB of 4G data is plenty for doing things such as checking Google Maps daily, finding relevant travel information when you need it. However, you may need to be frugal about all the Instagram posts you make and using FaceTime to talk to your friends back home, as these can quickly chew through your data.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling Europe  I SimCorner


Three UK 12GB Mobile Data Card – EUR 25.00

The 12GB Mobile Data Card is the perfect SIM Card for anyone who can’t bear to be disconnected while they’re travelling the UK and Europe. This mobile phone SIM card gives you 30 days of access to 3000 calling minutes and 3000 texts within the EU. That’s enough to call everyone you know in the whole continent and let them know you’re coming ‘round for tea.

With this card, you get a much more beneficial 12GB of data—enough to download all your Spotify playlists in time for flights, as well as check up on your socials daily without having to worry. This data can is usable across all of the UK and Europe just like the mobile functions of your SIM, and also across some countries in Asia and South America including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Uruguay. Perfect if you’re taking a cross-continent trip!

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling Europe  I SimCorner


O2 20GB Mobile Data Card – EUR 47.00

A 20GB Mobile Data Card is the most inclusive Europe travel sim card that money can buy. It’s perfect for anyone going on a working holiday who may need that extra bit of connection with home, or even just for the avid Netflix watcher waiting eagerly for the next episodes of their shows to release. With this SIM, you get 5000 calling minutes and 5000 texts within the EU, giving you the power to pocket dial your tour guide for 3 days straight and still have minutes left over.

This SIM card offers 20GB of data to use in 28 days. To use up this data, you’d have to stream 20 movies in HD, and you’d miss most of Europe in the process! This amount of data gives you the security to know that you’ll constantly stay connected to home through the power of 4G waves. It’s also a great option for family trips, as it allows mobile hotspots. As a parent, this could mean the perfect opportunity to control your kids’ data usages easily.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling Europe  I SimCorner


12GB Data Only Card – EUR 63.00

This SIM is for those with no one to call or text in Europe on their holiday, or those who want to stay connected via a non-smartphone device, e.g. an iPad, internet dongle or MiFi device. It’s a little different as it doesn’t include any calling minutes or texts, but what it lacks in that area it makes up for with a 60-day activation. This means you can use 12GB of data across 60 days, staying connected for much longer than any other Europe travel card.

Mobile hot-spotting is allowed with this card, so it can be great for families or groups. The data on this card is also accessible in some Asian and South American, countries similar to the 12GB mobile data card above.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelling Europe  I SimCorner


Get the Right Europe SIM Card for you

All of our options for Europe travel SIM cards allow you the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends on holiday. They come in three sizes to fit any phone—from the basic brick to the smartest of iPhones. It always pays to check any specifications before deciding what SIM is right for you, and we hope this article has helped. Check out these items in our online shop for more information, and get your travel SIM today!