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Prepaid South America SIM Cards

South America is perhaps the most diverse and culturally-rich continent on Earth. From the beautiful beaches of Brazil to the fascinating ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, there are certainly many reasons to visit South America. With so much to see and do, many people who choose to visit this part of the world do so for several weeks, if not months at a time. Travellers often plan everything perfectly, arriving smoothly at the airport to begin their trip only to realise that using their phone will incur huge roaming charges that they had not budgeted for. Ouch!

No one wants to have their dream holiday spoiled by SIM card problems, which is why we’re pleased to offer a SIM card that allows you to use data and make internet calls  at no extra cost while you’re travelling around South America.

Our South America SIM Card comes with 12 GB of data, as well as 3000 inter-sim minutes, meaning that if you purchase two of these SIM cards the two mobile phones will be able to contact each other at no extra charge. As well as this, you’ll face no incoming call charges from any country, meaning your friends and family can contact you with ease.

Let’s say you’ll be starting your trip with a friend in sunny Rio de Janeiro, where you’ll explore Copacabana beach and the various museums and natural attractions on offer in the surrounding area. You’ll be able to call each other if you get lost or split up for the day, as well as share any images with friends back home using your data allowance. You’ll then catch a plane to Peru to visit Machu Picchu, where you’ll live stream your trip using your data before your family call you to catch up. You might then finish your trip to Argentina, where you’ll visit the Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires and use your remaining data to find directions as you navigate the busy city. All of this is made possible using our South America Sim Card.

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