5 ways to save money on food when travelling

If you’re planning a trip overseas, you may expect your flights, accommodation, and tourist activities to make up most of your budget. However, most people end up forgetting to factor in the cost of food. It’s true, travelers often end up spending more on food than anything else - cause let’s be honest - calories don’t count while on vacation! So before you head off on your next adventure, take note of these money-saving tips to help you stick to your travel food budget.

1. Let the least expensive meal of the day be your biggest meal

Depending on where you’re travelling, do some research to find out which of their meals is the cheapest. For example, in the US and England, breakfast is often cheaper than their lunch and dinner meals. Opting for a big breakfast to fill you up till dinner and choosing a light snack for lunch instead can be a huge money saver. Some accommodation deals include free or included breakfast, so lap it up if that’s the case!

2. Make a visit to the supermarket

Eating every single meal in a restaurant is a big bank breaker. So if you’re staying in an Airbnb, or an apartment that has cooking facilities, make use of it. If you do end up staying in a hotel room without any cooking facilities, you can save money by having one meal a day that isn’t cooked. In almost any locale, you’ll be able to find a supermarket that sells the basics of a healthy, satisfying meal, and it’ll end up a whole lot cheaper than a trip to a local restaurant. You can even make it an activity - a simple self-made picnic outside the Eiffel Tower, or in London’s Hyde Park can be a great way to spend less on food, as well as enjoy your surroundings.

3. Average in several inexpensive dinners with a splurge

So you’re in Italy - no doubt you’ll want at least one special dinner with some of the country’s best pasta. If you know you want to splurge in one place, budget that in with other cheaper meals. Space out your ‘splurge nights’ with cheap meals in between to ensure you don’t miss out on tasting the local delicacies.

4. Stock up on snacks

Touristing can get tiring. After a long morning sight seeing, it’s normal to get a little hangry. When this happens, most of us end up heading to the nearest cafe to munch on something that often isn’t worth the money. Try to avoid that impulse by stocking up on snacks to have during the day to keep you going till your next big meal.

5. Hit up the local markets

Explore the area to find out whether they have any local markets on while you’re there. They have endless amounts of delicious local food, that are often at a cheap price. It’s also a great way to meet and talk to some of the locals and experience local cuisine at its best!

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